Re: Bush says, "I've met with a lot of families"

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>> So in Ms. Sheehan's retrospect, the meeting didn't go well, she's angry
>> about it, he didn't remember her name?
>> Funny, that isn't what she said about the first meeting when it happened.
> And a change of opinion, in *your* opinion means ... what? Dollars to
> donuts you think it's a bad thing -- nothing to do with getting more
> information, allowing for the difference just plain old simple time
> makes; not new experiences and understanding.

Yeah. Maybe her buddies at Code Pink had something to do with it, huh?
When I started reading about Ms. Sheehan in the news, beginning fairly
recently, I thought she was a bereaved mother who'd gone crazy with grief.
Now I'm not so sure.

But anyway, she has the right to scream, yell, camp out and make demands.
She's a lucky woman - in some countries, she wouldn't be able to do it.

But I don't expect the Pres to accede to her demands, necessarily. If
somebody camped out near my house, demanding a meeting with me so they could
scream and yell and accuse me of killing their son and all that other stuff
she's been spouting, I wouldn't want to talk to 'em because there'd be no
real point. There's nothing to solve, she sounds impossible to pacify - I'd
just be setting myself up for a shitload of unpleasantness with no

I dunno if Bush feels that way, but I wouldn't think less of him if he did.

> Now, why do you think this Administration has given so many
> explanations for the war in Afghanistan and Iraq? Anything to do with
> fooling the public? Or is the real reason in there somewhere? More
> than one reason for the wars?

AFAIK, there's nothing written in stone that says there can be only one
reason to go to war. I recall several reasons from the Pres's address on
the eve of this war.

Reasons, not "explanations."

> And when will our friends the Saudis be
> taken to task by their good family friends, the Bushes? Never? That's
> what I think. When the Saudi monarchy is overthrown, we'll be ready to
> go in there and kick some butt, eh.

I think the Saudis are going to sort themselves out, without our military

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