Re: Plot Thickens - Death of Theodore Romanoff Ruled Suicide (Was +Theodore Romanoff+ Son of Prince Nikita

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I would be very surprised if any members of European royal houses attended;
Nikita's brother Alexander was the international and social one, and his wife
Mimi dei principi di Niscemi, very well known and much liked. His funeral and
memorial was a very different occasion to Nikita's and I am sure this will for
his son be very low key.

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When reading the death notice over coffee last Sunday morning,
it was rather low key with rather a whiff about it; I mean the man
distantly related to the last Czar of Russia, which normally warrants
some sort of media attention, even from the New York Times.

Now there is this:

His death has been ruled a suicide by jumping from the roof of his
house. Does anbyone know what sort of house his family has in


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