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Self-confident dynasties risk new names, e.g. George and Frederick
(when the House of Hanover came to England), James and Charles
(Stuarts in England)
James VI, King of Scots, considered James to be an unlucky name and
called his sons Henry Frederick, Charles, and Robert.
George was not a new name in England. Beside the husband of Queen
Anne, Prince George of Denmark, Anne's sons were called William and
George, and the sons of Edward IV were Edward, Richard, and George.

It's actually surprising that the patron saint was not more often a

Where the heck did Edgar (1667-71, duke of Cambridge) come from?

Probably to hark a previous Anglo-Scottish alliance.

Edgar Atheling, son of Edward Atheling, and brother of St Margaret,
who married King Malcolm III Caennmor. Malcolm and Margaret's son,
Edgar, succeeded as King of Scots in 1097.