Lord Lambton (Earl of Durham)'s will


Lord Lambton (disclaimed Earl of Durham) left his entire estate (worth
£12 million) to his only son 45-year-old Ned Lambton, aka 7th Earl of
Durham (b 19 October 1961), former husband of Christabel (now second
wife of musician Jools Holland) and (possibly former husband of
another wife Catherine (nee Fitzgerald), daughter of Sir Desmond
Fitzgerald, Knight of Glin and his 2nd wife.
The new Earl has a son Frederick, now styled Viscount Lambton (b 1985)
by his first wife Christabel; in his younger (salad) days, he was
apparently lead singer of the pop group The Frozen Turkeys.

His 17th-century Tuscan farmhouse also goes to the new earl, and not
his long-term partner Mrs Claire Ward (mother of three children,
including actress Rachel Ward and the Marchioness of Worcester) as had
been reported earlier. This per Richard Kay's column in the Daily

1. Lord Lambton ignored 63-year-old writer Lucinda and her four
sisters in his will. The youngest daughter/sister Lady Isabella is
married to wealthy land-owner Sir Philip (or David?) Naylor-Leyland,
stepgrandson of the last Earl Fitzwilliam (who left his land to his
wife, Sir Philips' grandmother who left it to her grandson).

2. Claire Ward and her children are presumably not mentioned in the
will either.

Of course, all these persons are not exactly wanting for cash, AFAIK.

In 2003, Nigel Dempster in the Daily Mail (6 June 2003) had claimed
that young 18-year-old Freddy was engaged to 19-year-old Rose
Hanbury, but this engagement appears to not have taken place or
quietly have petered out.



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