Re: Norway: HM King Harald V's 70th anniversary

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Foreign royals and other dignitaries etc. who have accepted the
invitation to attend the celebrations of HM The King's 70th birthday
(21 February 2007) is enclosed. Most of the foreign guests will arrive
Oslo during Friday 23 February, and many will stay until Sunday 25
February 2007. Some royal guests will not take part in all the
arrangements that take place.


King Albert II and Queen Paola were listed in the press release, but
as Paola got the flu, they didn't come after all. The King and Queen
of Spain arrived late Friday 23rd and left on Saturday 24th before the

Other guests (210 were present at the gala at the Royal Palace on
Saturday 24 February)


Additional information: According to Stig Nielsen at SRMB 26 February
2007, Count Birger and Countess Lynne of Rosenborg do not seem to have
participated in the celebrations at all. They did not attend the show
in the City Hall on Friday, and they were not included in the group
photo from Saturday night. However, they could have done "a Juan
Carlos", i.e. arrived for the dinner at Skaugum on Friday night after
the show and left on Saturday morning.

Torkel Kvaal, SRMB 26 February 2007, adds the following names, using
photos (with IDs) from photo agencies as sources:

Carl-Gustaf Piehl with wife Maggie
Peter Wallenberg
Berit Tversland

Dag T. Hoelseth