Re: Norway: HM King Harald V's 70th anniversary

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Other guests (210 were present at the gala at the Royal Palace on
Saturday 24 February)

- The Crown Prince couple and Princess Märtha Louise and her husband
Ari Behn (goes without saying)
- Princess Astrid Mrs. Ferner and her husband Johan Martin Ferner
- The Ferner children, with or without with partners (!)*
*Cf. VG 25 February 2007. I think only Benedikte Ferner and Carl-
Christian Ferner have partners as of today.

I have to correct myself: Cathrine Ferner Johansen is of course
married to Arild Johansen (at least I haven't heard otherwise...). So
it is 3 of 5, but I cannot say whether all said parterners were
present on Saturday...

Who is Carl Christian Ferner married to? Are there any children?

He has not married yet. As far as I know he lives together with Ann

Who is Benedikte married to - her second husband, or a third?

She has twice divorced and now lives together with Aage Hvinden.

How many grandchildren does Princess Astrid have? Are there more than five?

Five so far.

Dag T. Hoelseth