Re: Norway: HM King Harald V's 70th anniversary

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Foreign royals and other dignitaries etc. who have accepted the
invitation to attend the celebrations of HM The King's 70th birthday
(21 February 2007) is enclosed. Most of the foreign guests will arrive
Oslo during Friday 23 February, and many will stay until Sunday 25
February 2007. Some royal guests will not take part in all the
arrangements that take place.


King Albert II and Queen Paola were listed in the press release, but
as Paola got the flu, they didn't come after all. The King and Queen
of Spain arrived late Friday 23rd and left on Saturday 24th before the

Other guests (210 were present at the gala at the Royal Palace on
Saturday 24 February)

- The Crown Prince couple and Princess Märtha Louise and her husband
Ari Behn (goes without saying)
- Princess Astrid Mrs. Ferner and her husband Johan Martin Ferner
- The Ferner children, with or without with partners (!)*


*Cf. VG 25 February 2007. I think only Benedikte Ferner and Carl-
Christian Ferner have partners as of today.

I have to correct myself: Cathrine Ferner Johansen is of course
married to Arild Johansen (at least I haven't heard otherwise...). So
it is 3 of 5, but I cannot say whether all said parterners were
present on Saturday...

Dag T. Hoelseth