Re: Freddie von Anhalt claiming to be father of Anna Nicole's kid

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So ... what is Freddie's "Bling" that he tends to wear when
photographers are around?

Something made up, or something from his adoptive mother?

Curiouser and curiouser.
--Guy Power

The photo in the link is not Fred von Anhalt. I don't think he has any
personal stuff from Princess Marie Auguste. Any bling he has would
probably have come from Zsa Zsa.

Interesting .... thanks for your reply. Perhaps that was a son?
Still, it is the same "bling" Fred was wearing when announcing he
could be the father. It looks like a circlet with a small animal
within, surmounted of a royal crown of some fashion.

This image is definitely the man I saw on television but he was
wearing jeans and an open collar shirt
-- the bling is the same except he was wearing it on a chain.

Perhaps he sourced it from Michael Jackson?

Oh, and for what it is worth .... I am NOT the father of Anna Nicole
Smith's baby. ;^D

--Guy Power