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What has all this talk of religon got to do with Lord North question?
I sure there must be religious forums for such talk, unless the talk
relates to peer being unable to sit before the emanciption bill!
Modrators please!
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Is Bob Jones University one of the more extreme Protestant colleges?


To quote from the Wikipedia article:

"Bob Jones University (BJU) is a private, Protestant Fundamentalist, liberal
arts university located in Greenville, South Carolina. Founded in 1927 by
Bob Jones, Sr. (1883-1968), an evangelist and younger contemporary of Billy
Sunday, it is the largest private liberal arts university in South Carolina
and has a reputation for being one of the most conservative of religious
schools in the United States."

In a section on controversies connected with the school:

"The three Bob Joneses, especially the late Bob Jones, Jr., sharply
criticized the Roman Catholic Church. For instance, Jones, Jr. once said
that Catholicism was "not another Christian denomination. It is a satanic
counterfeit, an ecclesiastic tyranny over the souls of men....It is the old
harlot of the book of the Revelation-'the Mother of Harlots.'" All popes,
Jones asserted, "are demon possessed." In 2000, then-president Bob Jones III
referred, on the University's web page, to Mormons and Catholics as "cults
which call themselves Christian."[33] Furthermore, in 1966, BJU awarded an
honorary doctorate to the Rev. Ian Paisley, future British MP, leader of the
Democratic Unionist Party, and Moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church of
Ulster, who has referred to the Pope as a "Roman anti-Christ.""

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Frank Richard Aloysius Jude Maloney
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Thanks Frank. It's good to know that the spirit of religious toleration
is still thriving in this day and age :)