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There are actually
only two books pbulished in Germany and Austria Austrian dedicated to the Order
of Malta in the years at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th -
these were by Fernando Graf Oriola (a knight of Honour and Devotion, writing in

Oriola, not an "Austrian family", indeed no prove this family
existed at all. Suppose Langer will tell: conte, not permitted to
translate (except by politeness). Corti, the well known writer, called
himself always: Conte, however by politess everybody gave him the title
"count". One conte a count, it does not mean the other one was en
titled to be treated at such.

As of the Austrian State Almanach, 1909, 119, one sees by chance:
comital family O, seems to exist, they were Prussian. An O had an
Austrian order, that one O did had, one did not have.