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David / Amicus wrote:
<<I've never, ever heard of "The Yemen", though.>>

Weren't there two Yemems - Sana and Aden - for a long while? Maybe
"the" is in reference / use to THE YEMENS (plural)?

The existence of the PDR of Yemen, or South Yemen, is of decidedly shorter
than the Yemen Arab Republic, the former Kingdom.
Prior to 1967, there was the crown colony of Aden and Aden Protectorate, a
complicated collection of emirates, sheikdoms, and sultanates. In the 1960s,
it divided into the Federation of South Arabia and the Protectorate of South
Arabia. These united to form the People's Republic of South Yemen.

The two Yemens merged in 1990.

The modern Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen was formed after the Ottoman Turks
withdrew from the area in 1918. The republic was founded in or around 1962.
To add to my confusion, North Yemen (so-called) included regions known as
Upper and Lower Yemen.

One can certainly google for 'Yemens' and come up with numerous hits but
usually it is in the context of 'the two Yemens.' A quick check only showed
one site using your usage, a page entitled 'The Yemens: Petroleum Resource
Potential' and that is a reference to the period when the two Yemen
republics were warring.

I don't know, but I suspect 'the Yemen' is a literal translation of the
French, le Yémen.

Meanwhile, I found on Wikipedia a 'List of country name etymologies', which
contains this interesting bit:

'Yemen: from the Arabic root ymn, whose basic meaning is "right"; however,
its exact meaning is disputed. Some sources claim it is from the form yamîn,
meaning "right-hand side" and by extension "south" (many Semitic languages,
including Arabic and Hebrew, show traces of a system in which south = right
while north = left), while other sources claim that it is from the form
yumn, meaning "happiness" or "blessings" (arising from the widespread idea
that right = good.) The name (to the classical world "Arabia Felix")
originally referred to the entire southern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.'


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