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The NY Times reports that Oleg Cassini, the son of Russian aristocrats
who became a savvy influence in the world of fashion and helped define
the style of Jacqueline Kennedy, has died.

What was his family background?

The Washington Post has this:

'As the first-born scion of the Capizzucchi-Cassini family, he claimed to be
"descended from Crusaders on the one side and Teutonic knights on the
other." He was an actual Russian count and was enrolled at birth in the
Imperial Guards, whose members were expected to be "master horsemen,
swordsmen, chess-players and, also, I assume, passionate lovers, linguists,
dancers, gourmets, etc," he said in his 1987 autobiography, "In My Own
Fashion." He said his problems in later life often stemmed from the fact
that he "was bred to be a man with a sword and ended up a man with a pin."

'The family fled Russia during the revolution and ended up in Italy, where
mother and son worked in the dressmaking trade.'

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