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>> When she was ill, Lady Catherine Grey (sister of Queen Jane).
>Is that certain?
>I thought there was a provision that marrying without the sovereign's (or
>Council's) permission had the effect of disqualifying you from the
>succession. That would knock out Catherine and maybe her sister Mary as
>well, as I know she did the same but I'm not sure when.

There was never any such rule. Nor was there any doubt that
Catherine's son, Lord Beauchamp, was the legitimate heir under Henry
VIII's will - provided she had been validly married. However, since
the only witness to the marriage was conveniently dead, it was
possible to get an ecclesiastical tribunal to rule that it had never
happened. The reversal of this ruling was always possible, and
Burghley was a supporter of Beauchamp's claim until his death. The
fact that the marriage has taken place in secret and without the
Queen's permission was irrelevant.

Don Aitken
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