Re: Lord Porchester, the Earl of Carnarvon, friend of the Queen

"Lowell III" <IbuAlaIna98@xxxxxxx> wrote in message

>I read that the Queen's longtime friend, racing manager, and alleged
> lover. Porchester, died on Sept 11, 2001. Is this true? Was he in the
> UK or USA when he died? Did the Queen attend his funeral?

The earl's funeral was held in Highclere Church on 20 September 2001.

He would not have been in the USA when he died, as the airspace restrictions
that were imposed after 911 would have made it well nigh impossible for the
body to be returned to Britain by the 20th.

I can't find anything that confirms the Queen's presence at the funeral.
There may be a way to cross check with the court calendar for that week to
confirm if she was somewhere else instead.