So who's closest?

So I find myself back in München (Erding to be precise) on Thursay
afternoon (that be tomorrow; er, today). And Schwarzenbach/Saale on
Saturday with an R 100 GS if I were to be guessing correctly. Followed
by another 4 weeks in whatever countries will accept me under the
Schengen Agreement (or the fact that I am descendant of British
convicts). So who's got a local and some beer nearby? I probably
should have organised rendevous earlier, but I didn't except interwebs
to be so sparse in Europe.

My phone is +61 4 51 055 286 (I think that's how it works for
international... Being the technological luddite that I am, I could be
entirely wrong)

A transistor protected by a fast-acting fuse will protect
the fuse by blowing first. --unknown