Re: I may be crazy

In article <ekj4c8-5om.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>, mikea <mikea@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
checkout clerk had the canonical coupon book at the register, and was
prepared to scan -- not rip out and scan, but simply scan -- whatever
coupons applied to my other purchases, and was prompted to do so by the
program in the register's POS controller.

As I understand it, the store is reimbursed by the manufacturer for the
amount discounted on the coupons, so they are fostering customer good will
as well as increasing purchases by doing so, at essentially no cost to
them. The manufacturer gets feedback on marketing campaigns. The customer
pays a little less.

In California, grocery store food is not taxed (unless it's prepared as a
takeaway meal). Because the typical shopping trip involves both taxed and
non-taxed items, the typical grocery store receipt will list the items in
the order they were scanned at checkout and flag those on which sales tax
is charged, indicate the coupon and membership/loyalty-card savings, the
amount of tax, the grand total, the amount you handed the cashier, and the
amount of change you should have been given. A modern wonder. Or something.
- Brian