Re: I may be crazy

On 2011-06-06, Peter Corlett <abuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
[0] i.e. $135 + taxes.

This is one thing I never understood about the US. I walk into a
store. I see something - a bar of soap, a carton of milk, whatever -
that I want to buy. It says that the price is some figure. Say it's
two bucks. I take it to the register, and the price I actually pay
isn't two bucks, oh no, that would be *logical*. No, it's two bucks,
plus sales tax, plus government surcharges, plus whatever the hell the
fscking shop owner decided to tack on that day because he needs the
money for a new gold-plated Rolls Royce or something.

Whereis in Australia, you walk in, you see something on the shelf
marked as being two bucks, you walk out of the shop owning that
something after paying the absolutely absurd amount of two bucks.

Seems to me that when $DEITY was handing out common sense, he/she/it
skipped over just about every politician that the US has had in power.