Re: Meta UI: Am I out of my mind?

Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz <spamtrap@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
flaps@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Alan J Rosenthal) said:
Similar to my previous article about these commitments tending to extend
indefinitely, surely doing something like running a mail server for one's
MOTAS often eventually turns into running a mail server for one's
ex-MOTAS. Indefinitely.
That depends on how amicably the status changed.

Eventually they forget to renew their domain or move the MXer to somewhere
else, and the problem goes away of its own accord.

The actual managing of my mailserver takes relatively little effort on my
part, since I put in all the effort up front some years ago. Dealing with
people who seem to think that they actually get a say in how I run the
service I give away for free, that's something else. Sure you can have a
custom mail service, would you like a quote? How does an Archer sound?