Re: Meetings are for what?

On 2011-02-16, Brian Kantor <brian@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Cipher <notavalid@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My next employer must meet these requirements:
* Listens to employees on technical matters or just doesn't ask for
* Understands work-life balance does not mean Work is your Life
* Gives pats on the back when earned, and kicks in the ass when necessary

Do please tell us how the weather on that planet is, as you'll not find
such an employer on this one.

There is! I have found one. I am still a bit mystified by the whole thing.
Makes life rather difficult for recruiters who want to attract my attention,
though, as I have no expectation that there will be other such rifts between
our usual world and others.

$dayjob once allowed me to suggest that we add a couple of weeks of my
already behind-budget schedule to replacing a core functional component of
our system by writing a new one from scratch because "I don't think this one
can be made to do what we need". It happened. It happened in a way that
involved nudging schedules and/or dropping other things, rather than extra
hours, no less.

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