Re: Recovery via kerosene

On Thu, 20 Jan 2011 07:52:45 +0000, mroberds wrote:

So, I have just bought a rather expensive number. Hopefully, in about a
month, this number will convince the company I bought it from to allow
me to strap myself into one of their large aluminum tubes; that company
will then burn extravagant amounts of kerosene in devices attached to
this tube. This sequence repeats a couple of times [0], until I find
myself in

* <------ Perth.

Once there, I have a second number from a different company [1] which
will hopefully convince them to give me a steel box with seats and a bed
in it. [2] I will then burn a slightly less extravagant amount of
kerosene in a device attached to this box, until I find myself in
Sydney, three weeks later. Then, I do the bit with the aluminum tubes

I think the main attraction is the ~600 km of road where cell phones
don't work. At all.

Of course, the technical lead at work has already (jokingly?) mentioned
his plan to work me as hard as he can before I leave. I am already
getting the "three weeks, WTF?" reaction from my co-workers...
apparently there are some advantages to not having child processes.

Matt Roberds

[0] One of them under "engines turn or passengers swim" conditions.

[1] I think. PAYG cell phones and international 800 numbers apparently
don't mix at all.

[2] In a strange coincidence, I actually own a fried-out Kombi. I am
not using it for this trip, though.

I have to admit to being slightly puzzled over what your vehicle in step
2 will be. While jet fuel is basically kerosene, step 2 sounds like a
ground-based vehicle, and I am not aware of any automobile, truck, or
recreation vehicle that burns kerosene, as opposed to gasoline (petrol)
or diesel fuel. It is my understanding that kerosene is intermediate
between gasoline and diesel fuel in terms of volatility and viscosity.

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