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In the military? Usually, the military tends to insist on you wearing
specific headgear made out of steel[0] or kevlar[1] when heading into
harms way or training for it[2].

Which fits quite easily over a small kippah. I admit that a turban
would be a problem, but in the USA the military has an across the
board prohibition, not one based on size of form factor.

And in case you didn't get the memo: the armed forces tend not to be
overly strong on democracy or individual freedoms for some reason.

In case *you* didn't get the memo, that's what I was complaining
about. It's a remnant of feudalism, where the pheasants must be kept
in their place, and I object most vehemently.

Don't like it? Don't join the military.

I've always wondered whether I was a coward for not going into jail
rather than the army when I was drafted.

"Must fit under regulation headgear without being visible or
impacting the function of regulation headgear.

That part is better than what the USA has.

Regulations about no headgear in buildings still apply." ;-)

That part is the same tyranny.

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