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Note: because of its emission in the near IR, it looks like a flashlight
on the security cameras. The sending time for one button push is over
a minute to run through all the codes. In other words, not

Depending on the aim needed, it may be possible to stick a tube over
the emitter so that the security cameras don't see the IR flashlight,
but the ID10T's Lanterns are still hit by the codes. So where one or
two sets need dealing with, and the security cameras aren't right
beside them.

Interestingly enough, Mitch (the gent behind the TBG) demonstrated to me
the "SHP" model at Penguicon. Looks like an iPod, has a row of "super
bright" IR LEDs on the top of it. Bouncing the IR pulses off the ceiling
turned off 3-4 televisions around us. This indirect fire mode may make
things a bit more inconspicuous.

Joseph C. Bender
jay cee bender residing on bendorius period com