Re: On the theory of systems administration

Steve VanDevender wrote:
Am I the only one who looked at this and thought "Too much UI, not
enough rant?"

Welcome to hell, here's your kazoo. Did we not tell you about the
superglue on the mouthpiece? Bwa ha ha ha.

I prefer to be somewhat lyrical - takes my mind off the mean, picayune
details. What UI there was, was mostly backgrounding/setup for the tail

Adding lamentations to the previous post about the abject futility of
attempting to get VOZ TCSF+UFZ+GFZ running on $RODENT_CORPSE Yvahk in a
three-week "sprint" - you know, because we're "agile", and God only
knows that sysadmins have been doing their work all fscking wrong for
the last forty years, deprived as they have been of dot-bomb-era
Kool-Aid development methodologies - and dealing with Helpful Little
Gnomes in the background undermining what work I *have* been able to
accomplish, to my mind, would have detracted from its crystalline
purity. I prefer to re-center my focus on the Eternities, as the saying
goes, not the Times. YMMV, of course, and de gustibus non est
disputandum (sp?), and all that other good stuff.

Not my best work, perhaps, but it felt right. This was more of
a 3-4 on the rant scale. When next I post, I shall endeavor to aim for
8-9. That'll take a bit of doing, though, and probably a spectacularly
bad day to accomplish.

"slayer of ponies"