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-> ValueType Exception: strptime() needs a string

Untyped languages are sooo fun.

Not sure what "untyped language" you're talking about, but Clguba
doesn't fit that description (as witness the exception you received).
Bourne shell is an untyped language. Tcl used to be (I don't know if
it still is). Any language that can give you a type error is a typed
language. (I'd argue, though, that it's a lousy database binding that
returns date columns as a string rather than converting to the
appropriate native type automatically.)

Maybe the phrase you were looking for was "dynamically-typed
languages" (which would put you in some good company -- this year's
Turing Award recipient for one), or perhaps "value-typed languages"
(another way of saying the same thing, I think).

One of our software-design faculty is really geeking out on Ehol this
term, so perhaps we'll actually start to see some decent analysis
tools for dynamic languages soon. (That whole community went down the
Wnin rathole a decade ago and is just now coming back up to the


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