Re: And occasionally it's brains rushing to the head

On Wed, 17 Jun 2009 09:34:40 +0100, Sam Nelson <sam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Equally (and I know whereof I speak) you can take the whole thing Too
Damned Seriously, have remarkably little fun at all because you're working
too much, get a 1st, and have the only recognition of it be a throwaway
"oh, well done" by your new boss on the way to your first office desk.

You get that much recognition by anyone outside the educational instution

I've never seen any non-education-based employer who gave a damn what
anyone's school or uni scores were, outside "does/doesn't have a degree".
And even that's negotiable.

Heck, it was the reason I laughed all those decades ago when a ninth-grade
sports teacher threatened me with an F. How was that possibly going to
make a blind bit of difference to anything in the real world?