Re: And occasionally it's brains rushing to the head

Graham Reed <greed@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in <87ws7d8fv7.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

"You're not worried about tomorrow's exam, I guess."

"Not really, no."

Wouldn't matter anyway. If I don't know the material the day before
the exam, it's just not going to happen.

(I tried cramming for statistics. All I wound up with was a headache,
spilled coffee all over the kitchen floor, and a 50% mark on the
course. At least I didn't break the coffee pot.)

I can think of only one course where I went to the final and pulled a
total blank. That was the Compiler Construction course taught by Andy
Oldroyd, who got his PhD and went on to better things and places. I
tried cramming for Math 4173, the proofy statistics course[1], and got a
headache. Then I got an F. The next time I took it, I got a D. I finally
got a C in that course and was content. By comparison, all the other CS
courses were a skate and all the other math courses were a skate on

[1] As in "derive and prove all the properties of the Beta distribution
function", derive a generating function for the Beta distribution
and its moments, and prove that it does generate the function and
its moments. Fascinating course, terribly difficult.

If it is stupid, someone will do it.
If it's really stupid, most people will do it.
If it's unbelievably stupid, everyone will do it. -- Mike Andrews & Gaz