Re: Day one, good and bad.

David Cameron Staples <staples@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
It just occurred to me to wonder if there would be any benefit to having
woven fiberglass instead of the matted stuff.

Of course there is. The matted stuff is used for a smoother surface
finish, so the weave isn't visible. Then you do a layer or two of
woven, preferably at different angles. There's different weaves
available, too, with different "yarn" sizes. Depends on your
application. If weight matters, you might leave the weave exposed on
the inside (say of a canoe), but you want a smooth outside.

Since carbon fibre is used in weight-sensitive applications, they
don't bother with a matted layer, and use as little plastic as
possible, so you get that "carbon fibre weave look". Which is now
available (fake and real) on many inappropriate products; I can sort
of see the toilet in a really fast speedboat using it, but a carbon
fibre shoe horn is going a bit too far.

I then wondered if woven kevlar might work better if it was a tweed
instead of a tabby.

I could see that being the case, actually; it looks like you get a
tighter, yet more flexible, weave with tweed. So there's more fibres
there, and should still be room to get the plastic in... Hmmm.

Then I realised that these are the stupid thoughts of someone who is
desperately trying not to look at his stagnating Remedy queue.

Have a drink or two dozen for that.

I've got a long queue of Jvaqbjf things I'm putting off. To the
extent that I'd rather deal with Wnin ba NVK updates.