Re: Good news, bad news

E.P. Sporgersi wrote:
If they remake 'Airwolf' I shall be very upset.

I hate to tell you, but... They killed off String and replaced him with a Scooby Gang. I sort of drifted out of it after that, but perhaps after too much Darker and Edgier, they wanted it Lighter and Fluffier.

And the leader of the Scooby Gang just happened to be String's PoW brother, who despite having been in captivity for several years, just happens to be able to fly the damn chopper.

The final series was made on a miniscule budget, with lots of stock footage, seriously crappy model work and even more implausible story lines. This sums it up quite nicely:

"Diagnosis: Murder" with helicopters. Blech.


Chris King
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