Re: the net is falling and I want my mommy again

"Mike Andrews" <mikea@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

F Cl Br I At
Li 577±21 469±13 418.8±4 345.2±4.2 --
Na 519 412.1±8 367.4±0.8 304.2±2.1 --
K 497.5±2.5 433.0±8 379.9±0.8 325.1±0.8 --
Rb 494±21 427.6±8 380.7±4 318.8-2.1 --
Cs 519±8 448±8 389.1±4 337.2±2.1 --
Fr -- -- -- -- --

LiF appears to be The Winner, followed closely by NaF and CsF.

Given that this started out as speculation about what alkali metal to
hand a luser whose hands were still damp from washing, shouldn't you be
looking at hydrides instead of fluorides, chlorides, etc.? I have heard
it said that alkali metals react more strongly with _water_ as you move
up the series, in that they rip the hydrogen atoms right off the water
molecules. The free oxygen probably contributes somehow as well.

Getting a luser to wash with fluorine or chlorine would be its own
separate LART.

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