Re: My Dain Bramage is obviously worse than I thought.

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David Cameron Staples <staples@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
When I went WTF? at him, and explained carefully that the only "free"
competition to childcare and kindergarten was _none_, he explained that
this was exactly what he was saying, and that in a market situation the
competition for a provider of a good or service is not only other
providers, but also the customers deciding to do without.

With childcare of course you aren't "doing without" in that the
rugrats aren't chained up alone, or out on the streets.

They are using "free" childcare such as family members, local
teenagers (who are cheap enough compared to paid care as to be free),
or co-ops made up of other parents who look after your kids as well as
theirs on a roster basis.

None of these are "free" really as there's opportunity costs for family
members iand co-op members but compared to the usual childcare centre
prices they are.