Re: My Dain Bramage is obviously worse than I thought.

in Sun, 26 Oct 2008 11:26:37 +0100, Jasper Janssen in hic loco scripsit:
His grain-growing operations was selling the grain to his meat-growing
operation, obviously. At least effectively, if not according to what he
though. And that should clearly be part of the interstate commerce free
market system, not closed just because the people and/or businesses
involved[1] happen to be the same.


[1] It is of course entirely possible that his farm was legally two
separate businesses, for tax reasons or something.

I was talking online to a Real Life Economist the other day, and in a
discussion on childcare centers and kindergartens, he said that they are
constrained in what they can charge (and thus what they can pay the
workers) because of the competition of "free provision".

When I went WTF? at him, and explained carefully that the only "free"
competition to childcare and kindergarten was _none_, he explained that
this was exactly what he was saying, and that in a market situation the
competition for a provider of a good or service is not only other
providers, but also the customers deciding to do without.

Of course, to my unsophisticated understanding, this kind of redefines
the concept of "free _provision_" of a service, but what would I know. I
also think that Milton Friedman has done inestimable damage, which shows
what *I* know.

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