Re: The nerve! The sweet tooth!

Richard Gadsden <richard@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Isn't it nice to see someone in LondON who can get their phone number

Well, data cleansing and canonicalisation usually turns out to be part of my
job at some point, so it behooves me to keep an eye on any appropriate
standards. Obviously, the quality of the standards varies substantially...

The number of ****ing incompetents who list numbers as 0207-xxx-xxxx or
the all-time classic stupidity that I saw *on preprinted letterhead*
recently: (020) 7xxx xxxx Fax: 0203-xxx-xxxx

I can beat that: 020xx-xxxxxx. Go on, want to guess who's the source of that
particular delight? (Answer: Oevgvfu Gryrpbz, of course.)

Where can I get a big enough LART for the whole of fscking LondON?

I suspect the LART is in fact London itself.