Re: three mini-rants

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Oh well, I didn't see where it was going. I once saw an
else protected stepper motor controller IC (16 pin, DIL, 2 amp sinking
when no heatsink was fitted) glow *bright* red (I didn't know the PSU

When I was at school in the <mumble> early 80s we decided to put mains
(240vAC) through a standard 12v power transistor 'just to see what it
does' in our electronics class.

I am happy to report that said transistor glows like a mini-LED for a
short time. Followed by a muffled 'pop' and a ping as the metal top
bounces off the ceiling tiles..

The spoilsport teacher wouldn't let us repeat it. Something about
'waste of resources' I think.


Phil Launchbury, IT PHB
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to juggle mushrooms'