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On Thu, 19 Jun 2008 11:41:53 -0700, Dane Buson <dane@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Errr, ride them I suppose. I weigh a touch north of 90 kilos, I like to
ride reasonably fast year round back and forth to work. It has a few
bumpy sections [1], I curbhop a bit, bunnyhop this and that, nothing too
extreme. Heck, I haven't even crashed into anything with them.

This is the original frame, the replacement frame broke in almost the
exact same section. It's not that an unusual a failure mode. But I
would expect more than the 12k and 18k miles I got out of them
respectively. Thankfully the warranty resets when you get a
replacement. So I have until June 2011 to break this one.

Have you tried getting a new rear hub, or at least axle? That's the sort
of failure that could conceivably be caused by either not quite aligned
dropouts or a bent axle. It's a break in the cast bit of the dropout, they
wouldn't normally break like that easily.

Well, the first frame that broke, I know the axle was fine. Now, I
don't believe the dropouts were misaligned. It did get shipped back to
Surly for inspection, so if something wasn't wrong with the setup they
had the opportunity to reject the warranty claim.

The second frame however, I did have an axle (quick release) break about
six weeks beforehand. I don't *think* I was riding it like that for
long, but I don't know for sure. Of course, the same drop that caused
the axle to break could have precipitated the dropout cracking.

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