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[arguments for fares on PT]
Free public transport is available in certain places, and tends to cost
the community running it less than a fare-based system, due to the lack of
overhead. *And* you get the economic benefit of it, too.

Yes, I'm aware of several examples. They tend to be in places that are
only moderately dense/large, and in systems that aren't very far-flung,
so there isn't that much need for demand management to begin with, and
wear-and-tear and problems with littering, vandalism and graffiti are
less pronounced.

Or in places that are small and have relatively high usage. For
example Adelaide has a free bus service that covers the CBD but the
CBD is only a square mile or so. (I don't think the freebie makes it
to North Adelaide). Perth has a similar service but again we are only
talking a small size, maybe 2 or 3 square miles.