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life. Our theologies may differ but the Tanach and NT both have the
same root idea:

"Love the Lord with all your strength" and
"Love your neighbour as yourself"

Umm... I thought the root idea of Christianity was this Christ guy.

He is a means to an end - in this case overcoming the law of sin and
death. A vital part though..

And following from that, salvation. Which was the new thing that blew
so many minds.

Well yes - however you ain't gonna get to salvation unless your goal is
one of the above - not because it is salvation by works but because it
is an attitude that aligns your thought processes with the right one.

THe rest of it is nice, sure. But the salvation part, that's what was
so different to everything else.

Well sure. Jesus is the carrier of salvation but humankind in general
seems well inoculated against him.


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