Re: Motorbike UN-recovery

Graham Reed <greed@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Matt Erickson <peawee@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
Friend of mine works at an atom-mangling power facility[0].

Random thought: Molecule-mangling power facility: no problem, we do that
every day, come in and have a look. Atom-mangling power facility: ooh,
big secret.

He was showing me some cleared pictures of several major overhauls
they were working on at various points, a couple of which required
the removal of the generator rotor from the stator coils. Apparently
they have a small motor attached to the rotor to spin it slowly until
it fully cools, as after been going at around 18,000 RPM for long
periods of time, it's warm enough that it will sag enough once
brought stationary to make it useless.

18,000 RPM?! Which line frequency are you using?

This does assume that it's connected to the grid and that matching the
grid frequency is important. If it's not connected to the grid, a
higher frequency saves a lot of iron (and therefore weight) in the
equipment connected to the supply. There is generally one kind of
entity that has both a higher-than-usual level of concern about weight
[1] and a need to clear pictures of its maintenance operations.

Matt Roberds

[0] NMF

[1] Weight saved in electrical equipment frees up payload for important
things, like obggyrf bs ehz, naq ynfurf.