Re: Catching a bite

abuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Peter Corlett) wrote:

Tai <tai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sugar free, but is it sweet-taste free as well? I don't care how many
studies you wave in my face, I am a !artificial sweetener kinda guy.

Artificial sweeteners grow on you after a while

Not on me, they don't.

unless you have a sugar addiction, in which case you might want to break
it before it breaks you.

Sugar is less deleterious to human health than nutritionists.

I'd be quite happy if they didn't bother with the artificial sweeteners at
all. They add an interesting chemical bitterness to my mixers,

MMV - IME, they add an uninteresting taste of sharp metal. If I want
interesting bitters, the several varieties of 70-ish% chocolate I'm
sampling now will do just fine.