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Oh, yes! When an observant Jew buys a new stove, they have the rabbi
come out to kasher it. This includes going over the inside with a
propane torch to burn off any treif that might be there. Don't know
how they did it before such things were invented.

I would think they bought/built a new one.

My mother-in-law (who is Jewish), has told me that some of the more ...
dedicated Orthodix have two ovens, two fridges, and two sets of
utensils/plates/cutlery, so that the "no milk with meat" may be *strictly*
observed. Moreover, some are apparently in the habit of ensuring that they
are not contaminated by buying a new set of whitegoods every year or every
other year (usually just before Pesach, so that this most important meal
of the year is extra holy.)

My MiL's mothers flat had a split stove, ostensibly for Kosher reasons.

People who live in Jewish areas can get some bargains, buying these almost
new whitegoods around Pesach. Or so I'm told.

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