Re: All hardware sucks


I shut down power to the furnance and check the ignitor
with the meter - yep, open circuit.

After I finish tightening the screw, but before I plug in
the electrical connector, the new one breaks.

Lucky you. My furnace went under a in a basement flood, and it's one
of those direct window vent jobs that uses a fan to pull air in and
push byproducts of combustion[1] out.

I got the main blower cleaned up and working again and a new
controller was easy enough to find. I figured that was it and fired
the thing up. It became immediately obvious that the bearings in the
DWV fan motor have taken a hit as they are quite noisy...but it seems
to be starting/running fine. A little while later, I smell the
wonderful odor of hot motor windings...sure enough, the little motor
is so hot I can't even touch it when I get back downstairs. Hard to
believe it is engineered that close to being overloaded in its normal
job. The bearings were bad but not that bad.

A new assembly costs only $bignum dollars and wouldn't be available
for at least a week. That is it--you replace the unit. In the dead of
winter. So let's take it apart. Well, there's why they can get the
money they ask for these things...they're just about *impossible* to
get apart. Luser-proofed, I guess you could say.

Well, I *did* get it apart and fixed. Being asr I can't say how. It is
still running though.

[1] I don't know exactly what comes out of that pipe, but it blows out
on the sidewalk, where it has started to turn the concrete green and
erode it. It also has a very distinct "acidic" smell when you're in
the area.