Re: ROUSs? I don't think they exist.

On Mon, 31 Dec 2007 22:19:12 GMT, raltbos@xxxxxxxxx (Richard Bos) wrote:
Jasper Janssen <jasper@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Although a German chain, Hornbach, has recently moved into the area with
an utterly gigantic store, and it has a fricking large wall of little
hinging tub thingies with fasteners sold by weight. You take a plastic
bag, fill as much stuff in it as you want, note the tub number, go to the
scale and punch that number in (the weight of the plastic bag is set as

In Koeln, they have a store like that.

For Lego.

It would've been bliss, if only they'd sold Technic that way.

How much is a train ticket Koeln/Utrecht again? Koln is Ruhrgebiet isn't
it, ie relatively close? /me sees an opportunity for the next holiday..