Re: A rant, a rant, my income for a rant. (long)

On 2007-11-28, John Burnham <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Wed, 28 Nov 2007 11:49:42 +0000, Jim wrote:

What I _will_ say is that I'm very glad that they don't do mint-flavoured
KitKat Chunky's, because I would be dead in about a month.

During a stressful and unhealthy couple of months a long time ago, I lived
off coffee, ciggies and mint Aero bars. I've given up on the ciggies,
drink less coffee and eat things other than mint flavoured chocolate bars
now - is this a sign of encroaching middle age ?

I had a similar high-stress period about, ooh, 6 years agao, during which
coffee and Cadbury's Mini Eggs were great comfortors.

I'm frankly amazed at the amount of total crap I used to be able to eat
without any ill effects i nthe waistline dept., despite being about as
active now as I was then. Nowadays I only have to _look_ at a bag of crisps
and my belt gets tight.

There's only one explanation - callories have chronometric displacement and
offset abilities. You eat four big bags of pickled onion Monster Munch and
three years later you gain a stone.


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