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"Robert Uhl" <eadmund42@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
My mind is rather bitterly divided on the whole issue. On the one hand
the South was right about the most important issue: the states had every
right to secede; they had every right to fire upon an invasion of their
sovereign territory. On the other, the institution of slavery as it was
known in the American South was rather abominable; on also has to
consider that America would not have its current position among the
nations had the secession succeeded. But, as noted previously, the
South was _right_ about the legalities, and the tyrant was _wrong_.
It's a tough conundrum to resolve.

Which is why it was settled through war.

There's one thing missing in your argument: the case that can be made
for the North to go and force Civilization onto the Unenlightened. Not,
perhaps, a very strong case, especially since the North will probably
not be able to state that case without calling the South 'rebels', and
things will be going downhill from there.

Maarten Wiltink