Re: To The University Types

abuse@xxxxxxxxx writes:

I haven't seen anyone use a katana in anything but Kendo, and that
has rules that make it a limited style. So no idea how one would go
against an equally skilled longsword fighter.

(I think I forgot the chicken or something the first time I
posted this.)

I saw a fencing champ vs. kendo champ matchup on teevee once.
They both connected within a few nanoseconds of each other (I
forget who got there first), but shinai whacked the fencer on
the head whereas the rapier whipped the kendo-er on the outside
thigh. No guesses as to who would've limped away alive from that.

Also, I doubt you can slap aside or spin the heavier blade held
in both hands with an Italian-type epee -- that would limit the
fencer and put him at disadvantage in that kind of duel.

Epee != longsword. Certainly, _foil_ INET longsword.

Now, make it a brace of early rapiers vs. a shinai...

There was also an episode of mythbusters where a katana shattered a
rapier in 3 bits. I suspect the rapier was not made of the same
quality steel, though: the same katana was then whacked with a
claymore, it folded in half and sprung back like nothing happened.

Equal-quality blades would be a pre-requisite, of course.

Most katana techniques rely on being faster than the opponent,
with the emphasis on abrubt transition from perfect stillness to
super-fast motion. I doubt a .eu-style fighter would fare well
against that.

Why not? Pretty much _any_ fighting technique is about getting there
the fastest with the mostest...

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