Re: Music for Sysadmins...

On Thu, 22 Nov 2007 20:40:52 +0000, Paul Martin wrote:
So, for the last three or so months, I've been a little deaf in one
ear. Following conversations in noisy environments has been difficult
these last months, as I do think my brain uses the phase information
from both ears together to help discriminate speech from background.

I had some of that recently as well, left ear completely blocked
leaving me deaf as a post on that side.

Of course, my desk sits against the wall on the right, so people
approach me from the left. This is a less than optimal arrangement.

The complete lack of concentration caused by *everything* sounding
a bit off was weird, but easily fixed with music on headphones and
the balance slider set halfway to the left.

Michel Buijsman
"Waking up this morning was a pointless act of masochism" -- Girl

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