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Dan Holdsworth <dan1701usenet@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A cohort of trained Roman soldiers would do the same; katanas are not at
all dissimilar to Iron Age British swords in mode of use, and we all
know how immensely effective those were against Roman thrusting swords
and armour.

The gladius was a formation weapon. In a single combat the answer
might well have been different. I wouldn't put armour into the
equation either because swords aren't for use against armour.

An unarmoured single combat between gladius and katana would be hard
to call. The shortsword bod would have to have very good timing to
come in and deflect the first strike properly plus be fast on his
feet to close the distance in enough time to get a thrust in without a
return strike and without the twohander's footwork ruining the aim.

Mind you, I'd back a quarterstaff against either.