Re: Music for Sysadmins...

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Michel Buijsman <abuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
[1] Elevators[2] don't work either.

"Don't work" because the cables snapped and the cars are in the
basement, or "don't work" because nobody can figure out how to repair
the controller? If it's the latter, you probably need a really old
elevator mechanic or a really old electrician. I have heard the
reaction of circa 2005 electrical engineering students when confronted
with an operating circa 1955 elevator controller; "WTF?" would be a
succinct summary. Basically I don't think they'd ever seen a one-bit
RAM implemented with a spring and a lever, or a flip-flop that arced at
each state change.

I think our 1965 era lift uses the nixie tube as RAM.

One of the techs showed me (and the screw coil variable resistor
thingy that sets the ac/deceleration, and the AC-DC motor-motor
converter), despite neither of us being allowed in the lift motor

Incidentally, our building is the tallest inhabited building in NSW
to the west of the mountains (ie, 9/10th of the state), and we own
half the lifts in the same area (we own 3). When the lifts break,
the lift technician takes a day to get out here. He cleans the
contacts, declares it working, heads back home, and as soon as he
gets out of mobile phone coverage, and the lift breaks again.

A bug in the code is worth two in the documentation. --unknown