Re: Music for Sysadmins...

Zebee Johnstone <zebeej@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The house I lived in in Sydney in 1998 had an UMR[1] (prnounced umm-ruh)
which had the door facing the yard so you did get wet...

The first institute of higher edumacation I attended was the Havirefvgl
bs Zvffbhev ng Ebyyn, so this acronym is giggle-worthy. I suspect other
states may have similar universities.

Both [loos] were in use although the door on the back one had a habit
of falling off. The inhabitants got quite used to ignoring the fact
they were suddenly exposed in all their glory.

"There it is, Simmons. Indisputable proof that the Ice Age caught these
people completely off guard."

Matt Roberds