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Around here, we haven't seen a manual meter-reader in *years*. It's
all done remotely.

Lucky you. In my old house (which I moved out of about a year ago), both
the electricity and gas meters were inside and I kept getting letters
saying that I had to let a meter reader in read the meter because all the
previous x readings were estimates or customer provided readings. The fact
that they couldn't guarantee to get a meter reader out when I was not at
work didn't seem to stop this being my fault....

They are required to replace the meters every
$smallnum years,

My new house has externally accessible meters for electricity, gas and
water (ah, as someone who lives alone, it's so much nicer being on metered
water supply than on a "well, an average family in a house this size would
use this amount" type bill). The electricity meter was changed sometime
over summer. I failed to notice this. It was done when I was out. In fact,
if it was replaced when I think it was, I was in a large field in Wales at
the time. So much more civilised than the meter changing people insisting
I be in at some nebulous time that they fail to turn up at anyway.

My parents' house, which had been built around 1920, had the gas meter in
the basement until the late 1980's, when the gas company finally installed
an outdoor meter. The explanation they were given for the indoor meter
was that the old design didn't work right if the temperature dipped below

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