Re: Heads-up: Possible Televisual Recovery

On 2007-11-11, Paul Colquhoun (aka Bruce)
was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea:
On Sun, 11 Nov 2007 17:37:18 +1100, TimC <tconnors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
| On 2007-11-11, Paul Colquhoun (aka Bruce)
| was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea:
|> As I found out the hard way in FNQ earlier this year. Luckily it just
|> involved some panel damage to the car and destroyed tyre. 100m further
|> up the road, I would have ended up in a creek bed, after a *much* larger
|> drop from road level.
| And I'm guessing, since the law of the jungle operates out there
| (might is right, and doesn't even have to slow down), that even though
| the truck driver did something very stupid and dangerous, he didn't
| stop to exchange details, right?
| Road train drivers operating in remote Australia are about the most
| irresponsible people out there. I'm looking forward to the time when
| oil is too expensive for the lusers to be able to afford to operate
| their business anymore. Pity we won't have gotten any rail
| infrastructure done in time before the crunch.

Well, actually, the fault was mine. I was still moving too fast when I
pulled over to the dirt, and further braking to avoid hitting a roadside
guidepost made me skid off the road.

How fast was he going? Was there actually a collision between you
both, or was the damage from hitting another obstacle?

My experience is they don't even slow the slightest whether you are an
oncoming car, or a bicycle travelling in the same direction. An
amount of them will pass cyclists with adequate room, but a
significant amount of them pass cyclists with barely a metre to spare,
at 120km/h.

Time is nature's way of making sure that everything doesn't happen at once.
And space is so that it doesn't all happen to you.
-- Matthew L. Martin and John D Salt in ARK